#Why Living Dream classes – Nurturing dream skills for students

Why Living Dream Classes?

Currently, our world is lack of listening and sharing.

-Many parent often don’t listen to their children’s dreams

-Many friends often don’t understand their friends’ dreams

-Many recruiters/ employers often don’t care about their candidates/ employees’ desires, passion

-Many wives/ husbands don’t support their lovers’ dreams

-Many schools don’t teach students how to follow dreams/ passion

That’s why there are million dying dreams every day.

~99% of schools, universities  , colleges in Vietnam still don’t teach “how to nurture dreams”. Similarly, to many other countries, as 80% people don’t like their jobs and parents are the most often children’ dream killers.

Our classes are simple, interactive and easy to understand. We designed each LivingDream class to not only be inspirational, but practicable, since we want our attendees to take action and actually pursue their dreams.

We have two types of classes:

  • Class on how to find your passions and fulfil your dreams. These are mostly attended by youth.
  • Class to train future mentors on how to help others, and listen and encourage people’s dreams. The attendees can be volunteers, teachers or anyone who can expand our standard classes to disadvantaged students.
  • Fun class with songs, dances, drawings to tell dreams, understand steps to fulfil and get motivation to make dreams happen. The students are mostly kids.

These classes aim to build self-confidence, self-awareness and listening skills. Guest speakers frequently attend to share their story, and fun, inspirational activities are held both in-class and online.

These classes are held at local universities, vocational schools and high schools, and open classes are also held for anyone in the community.

We have been receiving heartwarming thank you notes and great feedback from our students so far. This has encourages us to keep going and continue conducting LivingDream classes around the country.


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#Why Living Dream classes – Nurturing dream skills for students

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