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Dear Friends from all over the world,

With a warm heart, a Hello from Vietnam 🙂

We’re grateful to send this letter to you today to tell you that  LivingDream has been established in Vietnam since 2016 with the aim of creating a community that values listening, sharing, and sympathizing with beautiful dreams of people, especially the disadvantaged and unfortunate children.

Despite its beauty and high potential for growth, Vietnam still faces great challenges, especially in education. In our schools, students are not taught to understand themselves, to find their passions and follow their dreams. In society, people are generally still not encouraged to share their dreams. This is even harder for disadvantaged children or young people.

The core mission of LivingDream, therefore, is to give encouragement and facilitate Vietnamese to share and take actions for their dreams, to change their lives and live with passions, as you can see in more details here.

Currently, there are two functions in LivingDream:

1/ Offline classes.

Hoa and I are the key people developing material for the offline classes as well as driving the class activities. We teach people tools to find their passions, plan the steps toward achieving them, as well as the skills to listen and support others’ dreams. Our classes are free and open to community.

Further introduction about the LivingDream class can be seen here.

2/ Online community in LivingDream.me.

In the platform, people can share their dream journey as a resume to express themselves by showing their passions, ambitions, and grit to achieve their beautiful dreams. In addition, LivingDream.me is the supportive community offering positivity, encouragement, kindness, and advices to keep the fire of following dreams burning through tough challenges.

Our founder, Ms. Hoa has many years of working with volunteer clubs supporting children in poor and remote areas or children with disabilities since she was in schools. Besides her profound professional experience as a financial officer, her passion for social causes and her gratefulness have been driving LivingDream towards social impacts and results with financial and operational efficiency. LivingDream’s educator, Ms. Nhung, with her passion to change the conventional teaching in Vietnamese education system, and her experience from work and study in innovation, seeks to improve quality of LivingDream classes and increase the reach of LivingDream to more students in need. Besides, our small team of young people, who have come to us with the shared passion and dreams, have been building the first bricks for LivingDream community and activities.

Nevertheless, the journey to bring LivingDream to more people and to create greater impact is very challenging, especially with a new social startup like LivingDream, whose mission is to make social impact and not for profit. In our first steps, we have been receiving help from Microsoft, Vietnam Silicon Valley, Saigon Innovation Hub as well as other organizations and individuals who have been advising us with their experience and expertise.

Thank to the initial support, we have released beta version of LivingDream.me, operated several successful classes. With simple and practical approach, the impacts have been realized through the students’ reflection. We keep being inspired when we see our first students in actions, expressing their dreams and mapping out their future plans in many creative ways, and applying our LivingDream’s tools to encourage their friends to find and follow their dreams.

Your dreams – Our mission

In order to expand our activities, we have launched a Crowdfunding campaign on generosity to raise at least $10,000 for our social impact activities in 2017. Please follow this link for more information:


In this letter to you, we would like to ask for your support in this campaign:

  • Share this campaign to your network so more people know about the project in Vietnam
  • Be our ambassador by giving us feedback and ideas on how to spread the message of sharing dreams, giving help
  • Connect LivingDream to local or oversea media, NGOs, schools and social organizations for collaborating activities, such as “Day for Living Dream” initiatives to spread the LivingDream’s values, internship opportunities for our students, volunteers to help the operation of LivingDream in Vietnam, advices on LivingDream class’ content, …
  • Become our volunteer trainer or guest speaker to our classes
  • Be our donor or supporter for Generosity campaign
  • Or as simple as to join LivingDream.me, be part of our communities and share your dreams or dream support  🙂

We reward our supporters and donors with engaging and meaningful gifts made by LivingDream, and of course, with LivingDream team and the students’ gratitude 🙂

We believe in you and wish your dreams come true!

Living Dream team

#livingdream ; #alivingdreamforVietnam ; #livingdreamgenerosity

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#Support “A Living Dream for Vietnam” on Generosity

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