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Join us at Livingdream, share your story, change the way people pursue their dreams and make the world an even more beautiful place for everyone.

In order to understand more about four easy steps to follow dreams, please the following definitions:

  1. Find dream – help you to find your dream

Not every time we know what we want and why we want them. Building dream module help us to question ourselves, take a few minutes to think in deep silent and understand the desire in our heart. Finally, we will find our dreams and write down to take the first step on our dream journey.

  1. Tell your Dream journey

Usually, we would write a Resume to find our jobs. On Livingdream, dream journey is our CV for telling our dreams. It is about why we have those dreams, what we had done towards those dreams and our plan – what we will do.

The more detail of your dream journey, the more recruters, friends, parents, judges, ect understand you, sothat they can support you.

When you have completed the full dream CV, you will know “the most important secret of fulfilling your dream”, which is to concretize your dreams into goals, implementation plans and commitment with action every day.

  1. Share your dream

With only one click, you can tell anyone or even the world about your dreams and who you are via FB, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter.

By sharing our dream journey, our friends, family, teachers will understand about our desire, like a recruiter knowing about us when he reads our resume

  1. Strengthen yourself with soup for dream

Our dreams like seeds, needs to be nurtured every day by a special food call “soup for dream”. On livingdream, it may be an encouragement, an inspired quote, story, old achievement, or nice memory (pitures, videos, ect) with your friends, family, etc.

When writing down and archiving these soups, whenever you feel bad, discourage, just head over to soup for dream and remember your beautiful moments in life, you will be strong again.

  1. Update your activities toward dreams

Share your daily activities toward your dreams, and get comments, encouragement from friends, community.

We may have one or more dreams, but the most important dream will be appeared right below your name on avatar. We can choose to keep dreams secret or public or share within our friends. Your friends when visit Livingdream will see and know about your dream profile.

  1. Crowd funding for your dreams.

If your dream serves the purpose of learning or a career, but you and your family have not enough fund for it , or it is a creative, volunteer, socially desirable project, you can use crowd funding for your dream.

On, you have the tools to support:

– Rise fund directly on Livingdream with size no more than $ 500, for academic purposes, career, volunteering.

– Rise fund through Giveasia or Geniousity by clicking on the link and initiating a dream project, conveying materials from the dream journey on Livingdream.

Here are the points you need to carry out the program:

Build your dream journey where you will give your potential sponsor the most detailed, honest information about your dream. Share this dream profile and your raise fund program with cross-sharing tools through FB, gmail, etc to as many potential sponsor as possible.

The dream chasers should prepare the following elements for best effect:

+ Video or images that clearly describes overview of the dream. Video / images must come from your own heart, which can be short clips of less than 5 minutes made by yourself or by friends.

+ The sponsor award will be given when the dream is fulfilled, if the dream is related to new thing creation.

+ Update and share the process of realizing your dream. In order to increase the trust of the community, you should have comments and support from people who know about you on Livingdream.

Let your dream show your aspiration, determination. Please focus on questions such as “What value does this dream bring to people?”, “What motivates this dream?”. Your passion, inspiration and ambition of your dream will inspires sponsors.

(For step 6 – Crowd Funding, we have the separated post for more detail)

 7. Seek out others with a similar dream and form a group.

Now, dream chasers can search with #hashtags or @dream name on Search box. Then, they can see the people or group, dream pages with similar dreams and connect.

For example: You can find the people who have writing dream by following search.

Screenshot 2017-06-08 15.41.59

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User guide – Simple steps to live your dreams on

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